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Reminder - Always check the MindBodyOnline Schedule for class changes, additions, and cancellations.

Power Yoga on Main
is a registered school through Yoga Alliance

Registered School through Yoga Alliance

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Experience for yourself the amazing physical results and mental clarity that you gain from the regular practice of the Baptiste Method Vinyasa Flow yoga at Power Yoga on Main in Downers Grove! 

We offer vinyasa flow in a room heated to approximately 90 degrees F.  Vinyasa is a term that covers a broad range of yoga classes.  The word vinyasa means “breath synchronized movement.”  In other words, you move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. This technique facilitates a smooth way for the poses to run together and become like a dance.

The POWER incorporated in this classic vinyasa flow includes lower body balancing as well as arm balancing.  We incorporate variations of invers ions, such as head stands, hand stands, and much more.  Learn how to do it all!  All classes are designed for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. ┬áNO PREVIOUS YOGA EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED!

Please keep checking our website, Facebook, and MindBodyOnline Schedule for new class offerings as well as class changes, additions, and cancellations.

COVID-19 NEWS           STUDIO REOPENING           Friday, June 26, 2020

We are ecstatic to announce the studio is reopening FRIDAY, June 26th!

First and foremost, a huge thank you for supporting us during these crazy times.  The past three plus months have been extremely difficult in so many ways.  We are now approaching a new chapter.  We could not have done it without your support.  Thank you for the words of encouragement and extreme patience with Zoom!  And a HUGE Thank You for your generous financial support.  It is the sole reason we still have a physical space for you to come back to.  We are so very fortunate and grateful!

This new chapter/phase will look and feel different, but together we will all adapt.  So what will Phase 4 look like?

In addition to obvious personal hygiene:

Wearing a mask

  • Upon entry and exiting the studio
  • During practice is at your own risk
  • In the restroom

New Policies/Procedures

  • Class size will be limited to ensure compliance of social distancing of six feet.
  • No Drop Ins.
  • Live Streaming will be available for every class offering.  If you don't get in, and that's your normal practice time, you can livestream and still practice with us.
  • If you sign up and can't make class, please pull yourself out.  We understand life happens, and you may forget.  You will get a "pass" for the first time.  After that, you will be charged for the class.
  • Online/On-Demand classes will continue to be offered daily.  Sign up to receive the link via email and practice at your convenience.
  • Doors will open 15 minutes before class starts.
  • Minimize time in the reception area.
  • Please remain on your mat until class starts.
  • Respect social distancing as you exit the studio.
  • There will be no hands on assists or props.


On-Demand classes are listed on Mindbody as "On-Demand," formerly "Online."  It's listed as the first class daily. You sign up the night before, and we email you a link of a previously recorded class.  You have access to it for approximately 3-4 days. You can practice to it more than once and sign up every single day if you like to receive new classes.  If you would like an On-Demand class, simply register by 9:00 p.m. the night before.  The link will be waiting for you in your inbox the following morning.

No cash transactions please.  You can purchase any class pack or autopay online. Bringing someone new to class? Please do! New students will be able to fill out an electronic waiver. *Scheduled to be available beginning this Wednesday, June 24th*

We will also continue to host outdoor classes throughout the summer at Herrick Middle School, Saratoga side!

If you plan on livestreaming with us for class, please register AND email us to receive the Zoom code.  Otherwise, it's assumed you registered to practice INSIDE the actual studio.

For practicing in the studio, registration is required (no email).  Once we are at capacity, you will be automatically waitlisted.  If a spot becomes available, you will be notified via email confirming your reservation.

Lastly, to avoid inundating you with multiple emails, please check MINDBODY daily!  You will find the most current schedule there, as well as which classes will be outdoors.  It will specifically say "Outdoors at Herrick."



We opened classes beginning Wednesday, March 18, for a virtual practice through Zoom. If you don't have the app, please download it. You DO have to register for the classes. It is required for this to work. Make your reservation on mindbody like normal. Help us streamline connectivity by emailing Poweryogaonmain@hotmail.com immediately after you register. We will then reply with the ID and password. That way, we know we have your correct email.

We encourage you all to interact with us during the class!! Our yogis did during the first class the morning of March 18. We could hear the breath, the moans 'n' groans...it was pretty awesome! After Savasna, we all stayed online for some Q & A.

I know we are being inundated with emails right now, so if you're hitting pause on going through your inbox on a regular basis, just keep checking mindbody. If the class is open (not cancelled in red), then it's open for Zoom!

Please stay in touch with us through social media. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out!

Please take care of your health and get plenty of sleep!

With Love ~

Karen, Mick, and everyone at PYOM

Power Yoga on Main - Welcome!

Want to get your favorite yogi a gift that is guaranteed to be the right size, is healthy, and is available RIGHT NOW with no shipping expenses or waiting?

Just CLICK HERE to purchase a Power Yoga on Main Gift Card.  We can email it for you, or you can print it online ready to present immediately.  Select Online Store and then Gift Cards/Credit if you are already on our mindbodyonline website. 

Register for classes online, and see descriptions of the
classes and who will be teaching each class!

Power Yoga on Main
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